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The Practice of Growing Old

Do you want to be “Young” when you die?  Do you want people to say,  “She died young?”?

No, not me.  I want to be Old when I die.

My mother was old.  She was 94.

And she still prepared her own taxes the April before she died!


So, how do we get there? How do we face the “Beingness of Old” and hold a positive perspective?

First, let’s try to embrace the idea of “Old.”

Some cultures value their elders.

What happened to Western civilization in the 20th century that we turned to celebrate the youth culture?

What can “Being Old” be?


For me, I want to slow down naturally.  Make it a choice that I can enjoy a pace that appreciates life.

Let me stop rushing from one place to another.  Not fill my datebook with activities that there is no room for spontaneity.  I shall practice doing only one thing at a time, not constantly multi-tasking to squeeze more into my day.


It’s not for everyone, but I don’t want to meet my death full speed ahead!  I want to embrace the natural process and enjoy the choices I make.  Pay attention to life around me.  Make conscious choices of the things I do.

I will stop and smell the roses and watch the squirrels and birds playing in the trees.  Listen to the many sounds of the world.  Take time to reflect on my impressions of the day.  Regard the unknown with curiosity and wonder.

Allow creativity to blossom.


And most important, I will open my heart to the people I am with, my friends and my family. I will connect with the Divine and see my life as a Sacred Journey.


© Sharon G. Ziff


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