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How many times during the day do you make a choice?

For me, sometimes it starts first thing in the morning.  Do I jump out of bed? Or do I linger?

What should I have for breakfast? Do I eat oatmeal again?  Granola? Eggs?  And the day goes on. Some questions have little consequences.

And there are many life-altering choices.  Choices with consequences.

Choices that affect the future of your life and how you die.

There is a head choice, a heart choice, and an intuitive choice.  Head choices occur after careful consideration, heart choices speak from your emotions, while Intuitive choice come from a higher self of knowing.

Some of us find decision-making difficult to do.  There may be complex emotions to overcome.  How much effort must go into making a choice?  Some research for all the possible outcomes.  Some people decide impulsively.  A choice we make may impact the lives of others.

And there may be a financial impact to that decision.

How do you want to spend your final days?  How might you relieve the suffering of mind, body, and spirit and find comfort before you die.

The answer to those questions may change over the years.  Decisions made today about the future are decisions made for the future ”you.”  The future “you” may have different priorities from what you previously thought.  Beginning the conversation with the key persons in your life is important.

Our culture likes to avoid difficult topics we do not want to face.  Sometimes putting us and our loved ones in the position of having a conversation in a crisis.   Hospice professionals have noticed that families that have explored these conversations find it easier to navigate the end of life.

I volunteer for an organization that supports families who want to know more about that final time of life.  You have options.  And we can help you ask the right questions.

End of Life Choices California (EOLCCA) is composed of volunteers, many of whom are healthcare professionals who can help you navigate the healthcare system.  There are questions that you can ask your doctor that will provide clarification. We support all available options and individuals choosing Medical Aid in Dying.

If you want to know more about (EOLCCA), please visit our website at https://endoflifechoicesca.org/what-we-do/

Topics covered are:

  • The process of Advanced Care Planning
  • Resources i.e. Articles, Books, Videos and other Organizations
  • Six options for the end of life: Palliative Care, Hospice, stopping unwanted medical treatment, Natural Death, Palliative sedation, and Medical Aid in Dying,
  • The California End of Life Option Act and Medical Aid In Dying.


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