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Until the 20th century, death was considered a normal part of life.  However, advanced medical technology, including antibiotics and other drugs, brought the increased ability to prolong life.


Soon the emphasis turned to youth and all things related.  We began hiding our aging population in nursing homes, avoiding conversations about death and illness.  With the quest to prolong life, hospitals grew and nursing homes spread rapidly.  More people died in a facility, living out their last days tucked away in isolation from their loved ones and the homes they knew.


There’s a cultural change today to break the taboo of talking about death.  Death is simply a condition of being human.  When surveyed, most people want to die at home.  Now, for the first time since the early 1900’s, more people are able to achieve that.  Most likely this is due to the increased wide spread availability of hospice services, and families have the ability to bring their loved one home to die with the help of on-site professional medical support.


Having these conversations beforehand prepares us mentally, physically and emotionally for what’s to come.  Completing paperwork, such as a Will, Trust, Advance Care Directives and POLST, gets the “business of death” out of the way, allowing us to focus on the still-living individual, the person we love.


In most cases, the transition into our final chapter is years.  It can be seen as a time when slowing down can enrich our life with greater insights and presence.  Our sense of identity and purpose can also evolve. The way we choose to spend our time can better reflect our values.


Sharon Ziff’s “Speaking About Death” Workshops are meant to be  instrumental in helping you explore what’s possible on the path toward the final chapter of your life, as well as provide tools to support our families and community through the process.


Workshops are available in both Online and In-Person formats.

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If you don’t deal with end-of-life issues now, you may lose control over how you live out the last years, months, weeks, days of your life. It’s time to make decisions about your care and quality of life for all aspects of your life. It's not just for yourself… it’s to help your loved ones follow your wishes when the time comes! You're not alone... Sharon Ziff, RN is here to help you navigate through the maze of details.

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