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Why Prepare?

Its springtime, roses are in bloom.  Trees are turning green.  New life.  But, soon, the petals on the rose begin to whither and fall to the ground…. a natural life cycle.

How do we transition from a vibrant, active life to one with a slower pace.  And how can we find comfort and peace with that transition?  Sooner rather than later, the following steps will ease the way for you and those you hold dear. Completion ahead of time creates space to live more now.

Sometime along the way, we may write a Living Will or a Trust, making sure your assets are passed on to whomever or wherever you want to leave your worldly goods.   Then, the attorney will include the page designating one or two individuals who will have Power of Attorney for you.  One agent for your business affairs another, your Health Agent. 

It is imperative to choose an Health Agent (DPOAHC – Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care) who is comfortable navigating the medical system and who knows you well enough, to be able to speak for you. If there is no one in your family who can handle the responsibility, a good friend may step in.     

Allow time. Don’t wait until a crisis occurs to begin the conversation. Give yourself time to write and talk with your those closest to you.  Make it about the conversation. 

Fortunately, there are many websites and forms available to guide us through the process of identifying our goals, wishes and formulating what is know as an “Advanced Health Care Directive”.  And you can spell out in broad strokes, or in detail, how your Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care can answer the difficult questions that may arise.   

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