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I’m getting old.
No, I am old.
According to the US government elderly happens at 65!
And I am going to be 70 this year! How did that happen?

What does it mean to get old?
What are the first words that come to mind.
Now, be honest.

Mine is decrepit. Decrepit! Why would I want to get decrepit!
I want to be youthful and able-bodied!
I am not decrepit, so does that mean that I am not old?

So there will come the time when I announce my age as 70 years old (or older),
someone will correct me and say,
“No. You are 70 years young”!
Why deny aging? Why deny getting old? Not older, but OLD.
Children get older. And we applaud that.
And the US government has officially changed that “word” to Elderly.

I will pose the question again. And this time find something positive.

Wisdom. That’s the word that comes to mind.
And wisdom while there is still enough time to make a difference in my world.
To do more good things.

I do not want to become invisible, sitting in a wheelchair somewhere.
Staying alive for whom? for what? Will I be just waiting for Death?
Maybe I could experience joy by looking out the window?
Will that be enough, as I wait hours or days… or weeks for my loved ones to come and visit?

Could I find contentment inside, that I can wait peacefully for Death.

When I get to the time when I can no longer take care of myself,
I want to remain at home, in my place of comfort, remembering fond memories.
Knowing that I would soon hear the voice of someone I love.
Prayers, flowers, music, candles will support me as I will drift into that other world.

© Sharon Ziff


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